Our Team

Stephen Blackburn

Stephen is the master grower at Red River Pharms.  He has over 15 years experience of indoor hydroponic cannabis cultivation, breeding, to merge strains to enhance, strengthen, or combine traits & effects of cannabis to create the perfect experience and extraction experience. Stephen has used many of today’s cutting edge grow systems including aeroponics, deep water culture, undercurrent systems and top feed coco systems. He has a deep history use of both horizontal as well as vertical lighting techniques.  Stephen has a passion for cultivating the world’s most sought after exotics and has grown strains such as White Widow, WIFI, Predator Pink, Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, Kimbo Kush, Grease Monkey, Purple Punch, Crunch Berries, Cherry Pie, Strawberry Tahoe, Biker Kush, OG #18, Gelato 33, SFV, Skywalker, Candy Kush, Guicy G, Mimosa, Tina and many more. Stephen is committed to giving the people of Oklahoma the highest quality medicine possible through detailed nutrient profiles, proper growing environments, proper drying techniques, and a proper curing process. Stephen is passionate about advancing cannabis in the area of medical healing and changing people's lives.  https://www.instagram.com/funky_town_pharmer/ 

Chris McCormick

Chris is a Texas A&M graduate with a degree in civil engineering. He is a successful entrepreneur, co founder of a large distribution company in Texas supplying geotextiles, erosion control products and detention pond systems. He is a pioneer in the development and engineering of hydraulic storm water retention ponds, working with the largest engineering firms in the southern US market..  With his expertise in engineering, design and implementation, he brings proven experience and success when it comes to setting up businesses.   Chris is also a real estate developer, specializing in the set up and design for warehouses for clients with unique needs and requiring specialized layouts.  Chris' successful business experience and strong negotiation skills has lead him to the medical marijuana industry. Chris has the ability to work with local, state and federal authorities to negotiate, and relies on his outstanding reputation as a fair and honest business man. . He believes that cannabis is still a new emerging market that’s just getting out of the shadows, and there’s wide potential to develop all kinds of new procedures and technologies. Chris's goal is overcome the old stigmas about marijuana and promote professional education to change the attitude in all social economic classes of society.  Chris is looking forward to utilizing his entrepreneurial background in helping the people of Oklahoma with medical marijuana and it's incredible potential to help with cancer and chronic pain.

Divergent Consulting Solutions:

Divergent Consulting Solutions is committed to helping you and  your company succeed. We help new businesses launch and established  businesses grow. We are able to help you apply for your license, build  the best facility, and control costs while maximizing profits. Contact  us today to learn how we can help you.

We are your professional business partner in the cannabis industry here to see you succeed.